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Frequently Asked Questions

The amortization period is the number of years it takes to repay your mortgage in full. Often when you first get a mortgage it is amortized over 25 years. This means that if you maintained those terms and payment periods, your mortgage would be paid off in 25 years. However, in most cases the amortization period changes because different borrowing terms, interest rates and payments against the principal amount at each renewal vary the length of time required to pay off the mortgage. For example, going with a shorter amortization period – say 15 years for example – will result in higher payments per period, but save you money in interest by enabling you to retire your mortgage sooner.

The usual thinking is that you should take a longer-term to lock in low interest rates; when interest rates are higher, you should look to a shorter term – 6 mos. or 1 year. Whenever the interest rate spread between short term and a long-term mortgage rates are significant it is always better to take the shortest term possible. Currently, rates are historically very low, so most people are locking in for terms of 5 or even 10 years.

The purpose of a pre-approval is to confirm in writing the maximum amount of money that you can rely on for mortgage purposes. When interest rates are fluctuating, it’s an advantage to know what your borrowing limit is before you start house hunting. With a pre-approval, a lender will guarantee you for a specific mortgage amount for a period of time. If the mortgage interest rate drops before the lender advances the funds for a mortgage, you are given the lower mortgage rate. If the rates rise, you are given the rate at the time you had the mortgage pre-approved.

Despite popular belief, and a lot of vendor marketing, the advantages in weekly vs. monthly payment frequency is slight. It is not really the frequency that makes a big difference but how much you pay. Any extra payment towards your principal dramatically improves your amortization period. Think payment amount not frequency of payment.